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Best Website to Learn Bengali Language

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Why Should I Choice This Bengali Course?

You will be happy to hear that you are on the right place to learn Bengali from native Bengali speaker. I have found searching on Google that the sites which run Bengali Learning Programs  don't have the required quality pronunciation. Grammatically some of them are okay, but pronunciation for some words are wrong.

Who Will Teach Bengali Language? 

Hi, it's Tomal. Welcome you to the newly introduced course on "Free Online Tutorials", the most desired Bengali Language Learning Course. I am a student of Khulna University. I can pronounce well and I think I have enough knowledge on my language to teach foreigners. May be my English is not perfect enough but Bengali, trust me. I fell to spread my language in correct form.

Why Should I Learn Bengali

Around 300 million people in the world speak Bengali. According to the number of people who speaks Bengali, it is the 7th in Ranking among all the languages on earth. This is the first language on earth for which people sacrifice their life in Language movement in February 21st,  1952. The names of those great souls are Salam, Rafiq, Abul Barkat and so many unknown people. 21st February is observed worldwide now as International Mother Language Day.

What Ascent We Use:

Let me clear one thing, I am Bangladeshi. My Bengali is motivated by Bangladesh. The other form- Indian Bengali is closely smiler to the Bengali of Bangladesh. Don't worry about ascent, it's almost same in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. Just learn the Language.

Primary Bengali Learning Lesson 

This is our first class, so we need to learn something. I will teach you to pronounce the word "Bengali".
It has duel meaning for different pronunciation- 

To denote Language- বাংলা(bangla)- Pronunciation
To denote nation- বাঙালী(bangali)-Pronunciation

Feel Free To Contact Us

Be Connected with us to get further tutorials to learn Bengali Language. Don'r hesitate to ask questios, E-mail me if you need any help regarding this-, I will be happy to teach you my language. I would like to welcome here in Bangladesh.

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