Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to Start Freelancing from Initial Stage
Start with This one

I Can Do Nothing But Want to Start Freelancing

People like freelancing since one can fell more flexible in freelancing than other jobs. Its the most asked question that how can I start freelancing despite of my inability to do almost anything. My suggestion for you to start earning using a Micro working site if you simply understand English.

Best Micro-job Site:

Microworkers is the best microjob site I have ever seen. Here you will find job without bidding. Simple tasks like Sign UP, Search on Google and Click ads or, posts. Writing Amazon review, watcing youtube video, blog comment, forum posts, blog posts, article writing etc. 
Hope that all those seems easier to you. You can earn a lot doing these easy jobs. Value of those are between 0.08$ to more than 1$. Meanwhile you can learn mainstream freelancing jobs like SEO, Web Design, Article writing etc.

Best Microworkers Alternative:

I have told before that microworkers is number one in this area, but there are some good alternative with newer features. Use the site I use as an alternative to microworkers, Join Microearners to increase your micro job income. It has some extra facilities than microworkers. Those are- proofs can be edited here that is unavailable on microeorkers. Referral program is still active here. In addition you can post any offer in this site without investing.

First Step to Learn Off Page SEO:

Yes, it's true. It is a good way learn SEO. Forum posting, Blog posting, Yahoo answers posting, social sharing, commenting all those are a part of Off page SEO. If you can establish yourself as a good micro worker you can do Search Engine Optimization more easily and perfectly.

To recapitulate, new comers should start their first step to freelancing with these microjobs. 
Caution: Don't spend your valuable time on valueless PTC sites. Some of them give payment but you need to invest money, time and should take lots of risks there. Better to start journey learning mainstream works.

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