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Best Cloud Based Online Storage Providers Ever

how to store files on online cloud storage
Online Cloud Data Storage

Top 5 Online Cloud Storage 2016

I think its  time to stop wasting valuable space of your PC. You can store your important documents or big files on online cloud for free. We are going to introduce some of the best free cloud storage provider not in chronological order. Make your decision to choose the best one-

1.Google Drive

According to me this one is simply best of all. Because google drive is a product of Google itself and it provide 15 GB storage. In addition you will get another two facilities of online editing and file versioning. Android, Windows and IOS apps are available online.

2.Microsoft Onedrive

You can get something that is not avilable in Google drive. Microsoft office 365 collaboration(You need some purchase in that case). Five GB storage facility with 10GB file size limit. Editiong, file versioning and apps for all the platform is available.

3. Box(Personal)

All the features of Google drive and Microsoft onedrive is here in Box except online editing. I think it will be the best for business use. Apps for all popular operating system exist online. You can integrate it with diverse range of apps.

4. Dropbox

This is one of the most popular online cloud. Effortless file synchronization for every operating systems. It provide only 2GB free storage, but millions of people use it for its easiest and smartest online collaborating features. Pro users will find it really awesome.

5. Certainsafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

They don't give you app for every platform, don't allow to edit document online or versioning. But you will use it for security and 100GB storage for completely free. Easily can share files with friends. Don't forget password, it may be a great loss(this is for security reason) for you.

We don't make any choice for you. Because we don't know what you need and why. Here is the most reliable information about services of popular companies. Stay with us for more information like this.

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