Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To Speed Up Your Computer Free Without Software?

Speed up PC for free
Speed Up Your PC

Speed Up Your Slow Windows PC Without Software

This is a common problem for every computer user. Its really disgusting specially for low configuration PC. We usually use softwares like x cleaners or x utilities. They may make your pc slower than before for performing its operation. Follow three easy steps to sove this unavoidable problem without softwares-

Delete Unused Files

We don't use all the files of our computer. Its better to delete unused softwares. Big files from C drive. Yeah, its really effective to free space on C drive. Start menu files on windows PC are useless on most cases. Those files are opened when you start your PC. Delete all except those softwares which you use always.

Remove Garbage From Your PC

Make your computer clean. Needless files are created on your every browse. Clean your pc for better utility. Press the key Windows+Run to open run wizard where you can find folder, program, documents. Now write-

recent and press eneter, then delete all the files. Write prefetch and delete all the files. If admintrator permission need, give it. Repeat the same thing for temp,   %temp%  and  %appdata% 

Create Shortcats For Large Files

It is true that we want everything on our desktop. The way you can get every important movies, songs, documents, programmes, softwares on your desktop is shortcat. Don't put large files on desktop. Keep it on other drive and create shortcat for that file on desktop to reach it easily. 

Sometimes it may happen for virus attack. You need to use a reliable and light antivirus software. Use antivirus for protection.

I hope after implementing these three things you will find your pc faster than before. Remember us for any information or, help. Its Tutorialsbangla, always ready to help you with information.

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