Friday, January 20, 2017

What Is Off Page Optimization In SEO | SEO Tutorial(Part-03)

SEO Search engine optimization out of page
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Search Engine Optimization On Off  Page

The process used to optimize a website for a search engine like Google outside the web page is off page search engine optimization. The optimizing strategy depend more on backlinking, but other things are equally important. You need to emphasize on many things when you decide to learn SEO.

What To Learn? 

It involves advertizing, reaching people more on social media, backlink building on forums, blogs and other niche related websites and so on. Creating profile backlink on high PA and DA sites. PA stands for page authority and DA stands for domain authority. These criterias are important for social bookmarking and .edu/.gov linking as well. 

Things To Consider

The area of off page seo is vast. Wikipedia is a platform where anyone can write articles and give source link. You can use this opportunity for your site. Relavency is always most important thing. Don't bother other people with useless irrelavent links. This is called spamming and you should avoid this kind of sh*ts. 

Popular forums usually don't allow to post any link. You have to know the secret of forum posting. Learn to use signeture for drive traffic to your site. Yeah, traffic is the basic need of any site. So, keep following the series seo tutorials to learn more.

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