Saturday, February 9, 2019

Nasa Live Earth View from The Space Station - From Youtube

The Earth view of Nasa Live is from international space station. The station is crewed by Astronauts from USA, Russia, Japan, Canada and also from Europe. 

This videos are embedded here from youtube channel Space Videos. According to their description, all the videos shown here are not live videos of Nasa. Because at night after 45 minuted the videos are unavailable. So recorded videos are also shown here in this live video.

Watch Nasa Live Earth View to Experience HDEV

You can get this HDEV on nasa official website . If you want you can watch that ustream. You will get blue screen when signals are not available. But here you will see pre- recorded videos. Think yourself- which is better to watch.

The station orbit earth in every 90 minuted duration. So, logically sunset occurs at every 45 minutes. When station is in darkness. Hope that you will have a nice experience here. 

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