Saturday, July 27, 2019

Youtube Not Working on Chrome- 2019 Soulution is Here

You may feel annoyed and thinking about- Why YouTube is not working on my computer, this is not fair. Yes, Google is the mother company of YouTube and chrome web browser. Even in 2019, you may feel some problem loading YouTube on your web browser. First of all check your internet connection, it it okay? If your answer is yes. We are going to start our process.

Way To Get Youtube Working Well on Chrome

We will tell you some ways to get youtube working well. Lets start-

  1. Close the program using Task Manager: If you are a windows user you know that there is task manager option. Start Task Manager and Close the application Chrome and then start chrome once again.
  2. Clean Chrome Browser Cache
  3. Disable Harmful Extentions
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome
  5. Update video drivers
Other prople will suggest you to switch to another browser if their suggestion don't work well. I am not saying so. I want you to ask me if you still have problems

I have  no intention to write a long article to increase view time for my article. I hope to help you when you have problems.

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